MMP: Three Letters That Can Change Your Life

We use a lot of lingo around here. Words like PLANT, FEED and GROW are so ingrained in our processes that our clients use them too.  How's that for branding?!?

Other phrases tossed around are AHs and MMPs, which simply stand for Alacarte Hours and Monthly Marketing Packages. In short, they are ways in which our clients pay us for our services. So, why should you care about that? That is because the three little letters "MMP" can change your life... or at least the way that you think about your company's marketing.

Monthly Marketing Packages are only available to our clients who have completed our first stage of marketing consulting, PLANT. This is the stage in which we help you define your company's unique brand identity, or "Rooted ID". With a Rooted ID in place, our team is equipped to help drive your marketing efforts. This is where a MMP comes in, which is a minimum purchase of 5 hours per month. There are many benefits to MMPs...

  • Convenience: There are a lot logistics that go into managing marketing... keeping up with various files, web updates, blogging, social media, submitting artwork to publications and printers by certain deadlines... the list goes on. Rooted ID's team can take this all off of your plate and act as your marketing department. We conveniently keep track of all of the moving parts so that you don't have to.
  • Consistent Branding: Strengthening and protecting your brand is of utmost importance to us. Not only will our creative team deliver a consistent look and feel to your branded materials, but we will also make sure that others do too (i.e. making sure that our printer uses your brand's exact colors). 
  • Responsive Staff: Communication is key in building relationships with our clients. And, we want to work with you in the manner that suits you and your business best. We are available via email, phone, in-office meetings, text messaging and even Skype. 
  • Money Savings: Our lowest rate of $65/hr is only available to MMP clients. We are very diligent in the way that we track time and promise to only charge for the time that we work. We don't round up on time as is common in our industry, which means that you can stretch your marketing dollar even further.
  • FREE Access to Marketing Automation Tools: We have invested in sophisticated tools, which can give you a greater level of insight into your customer base and prospective clients. Using your MMP hours, we can manage email marketing, online forms, landing pages and social media publishing with these tools and even generate analytical reports for you. Access to this software is typically $50/month but is FREE to our MMP clients.

We know how extremely hard it is to fit marketing management in your busy day, but we also firmly believe that staying on top of your marketing is extremely important to the success of your company. We would love the opportunity to help lighten your load and drive your marketing efforts through a MMP. If you are interested in learning more, please contact

Jennifer Morrow