Creating an Editorial Calendar

Last week's blog entry proved how valuable an editorial calendar is for a company who is committed to blogging and/or social media posts.  Without a plan of action, you are likely to become frustrated with writing content. The result? You either won't write anything or the copy written will serve no real purpose in your marketing efforts.

Some great guidelines to creating an editorial calendar can be found in a recent article posted by Heidi Cohen, a fellow marketer.  Here is a quick list of her tips:

  • Stick to a regular posting schedule.
  • Take time off. 
  • Use an editorial calendar to plan your posts in advance. 
  • Do research on your core topics. 
  • Keep a file of post ideas and titles. 
  • Leave additional information for another post or comment responses. 
  • Get help creating content. 
  • Test different content formats. 

You can read the full article here... .

Not only can an editorial calendar be extremely helpful to you, but it can assist you in bringing others to help you write content. These people could be employees or contributing writers. In some situations, you can hire an agency like Rooted ID to help lighten the load of content writing. A clear plan of action is key.  If you need assistance in the creation or execution of an editorial calendar, please contact She would be happy to help!

Jennifer Morrow