Mobile Sites

Consumer use of the internet is ever-changing. A vague statement, I know, but consider the following…

When I was a single, twenty-somethingI spent countless hours on social media sites, and one of my favorite activities was online “window shopping.” I did all of these things courtesy of my trusty desk top. Smart phones weren’t quite as popular as they are today. A full-time student and part-time employee, I couldn’t afford a mobile data plan… nor did I need one.

Now I am a married, working mother of one. The only time I sit at a desk top is when I’m at the office, responding to work related email or writing a blog post. I get my Facebook fix and answer all personal email via smart phone… and the retailers I’m so fond of, they send promotional emails with embedded links for easy mobile site access.

The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Site

According to Google research “72% of consumers want mobile-friendly sites.” The same research found that most users (61%) will leave your website if they cannot quickly find what they are looking for. 

As a small business owner you may think that these stats don’t apply to you, but they absolutely do! Consumers are no longer checking the yellow pages. If I’m searching for a local party shop, a place to eat lunch or my hair stylist’s number, chances are I’m using my smart phone.

What Makes a Website Mobile Friendly?

  • Large buttons and icons that are easy to see and click
  • Contact information that is easily accessible
  • “Click-to-call” options
  • Short load times
  • One-direction scrolling (either vertically or horizontally, never both)

We Can Help!

Rooted ID designs websites using Squarespace templates. The mobile site is built right in!

We’re big believers in mobile friendly websites and plan to practice what we preach! Our own website is built using an older Squarespace template. Unfortunately, it isn’t as mobile friendly as we’d like it to be, but a template update is underway! Stay tuned!