Put Yourself on the Calendar

Like so many people this time of year, I have a renewed interest in my health. I generally eat right and make efforts to keep my body functioning as it should anyways. But as my business has grown, I have found it increasingly difficult to fit exercise into my weekly routine. This time last year, I was playing tennis several days a week and walking about 5 miles with a friend one day a week.

My desire to really get serious about building Rooted ID last March has really paid off. I justified letting the exercise go because of my business goals. Now, here I am almost a year later with a business that is growing and a body that is longing for activity.

So, I made the decision in the New Year that I was going to put myself on the calendar! I have scheduled at-home exercise on Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.  My husband is pitching in even more with the kids to help me make this happen. And, I intend on getting back into the swing of tennis (pun intended!) as soon as it warms up a little. I have decided that it is okay to come into the office a little late on Friday mornings to make this happen.

While my little plan sounds great, life happens. So, what should I do when a scheduling conflict inevitably happens? Keep myself on the calendar!  It is tempting to just delete that appointment knowing that I had good intentions. But, I wouldn’t just cancel an appointment with one of my clients without re-scheduling. So, why would I do that to myself? 

So far, this is paying off for me and my business! Since it is Thursday, I had a great workout this morning before I ever came into the office. I feel good physically and emotionally. On the surface, it seems like you are taking away from your business when you come in late to do things like play tennis or go to the gym. But, I challenge you to think differently. Putting yourself on the calendar is actually giving something wonderful to your business that no one can do but you!

Just for FunJennifer Morrow