Plan to Put Yourself Out There

Like many of you, we have spent a great deal of time fine tuning our plan for the coming year.  It can be a pain staking and time consuming process. Like us, your instinct may be to bar the door, sit down at the computer and fret over the details.

However, we are resolved to take a different approach and challenge you to do the same… put yourself out there to start the new year with a bang! Networking may not seem like a priority right now, but this is actually a perfect time of year to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who have a renewed focus on their business and personal lives. Not only will you benefit from the positive energy, but there is always the chance that someone’s 2013 resolution would make them a perfect lead for your business.

We recommend that you proactively seek out networking opportunities. Not only can you easily find lists of open events online and in business publications, but it is usually simple to go as a guest of someone who is in a membership-based group.  Just ask! 

Once you actually make it to an event, be sure to use your time wisely with these valuable networking tips…

  • Ask insightful questions
  • Add value
  • Learn their "story"
  • Share a memorable fact
  • Keep a list
  • Make small promises and keep them
  • Reward your "power" contacts

So, get networking and let us know what your favorite events are and why!