The Importance of Branded Email

We work with a lot of startups and small businesses that have never used a branded email address. Many come to us with a Gmail, Yahoo, Aol or Bellsouth account. And while may seem like the easiest email option, it can create problems as your company grows...

The Problem with a Generic Email Address

  • It makes the wrong impression. - Your customers may get the wrong idea about your business when they see a Gmail, Yahoo, Aol or Bellsouth address on your business card. The most common perceptions are…
    • This business must be brand new.
    • This business must be really small.
    • This person isn't very tech savvy. 
    • This person isn’t detail oriented. 
  •  It’s difficult to create additional addresses. - Your company is growing, and you’ve added an office manager or a new sales rep. Now what? Are you going to create an email address like Your addresses will become more complex and increasingly difficult to remember as you hire employees. 

5 Reasons to Brand Your Email

  1. It’s professional. - An email address is one small piece of your marketing puzzle. Branded email feels credible. It also reinforces your brand and creates consistency among your marketing materials.  
  2. It’s convenient. - Many business owners enjoy the convenience of Gmail and don't want to give that up in order to have a branded email address. You can avoid complicated GoDaddy inboxes and obscure webmail servers with Google Business Apps. Once the setup is complete, you can access your @companyname inbox via Gmail on your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. This solution has worked really well for the Rooted ID team, and we highly recommend it to our clients. 
  3. It’s affordable. - There’s no need to purchase email addresses through your domain provider. If you route your email through Google Business Apps, it only costs $5 per user per month. And at that price, you also have access to other great tools like shared contacts and calendars.
  4. It’s easy to setup. - If you are relatively computer savvy, visit Apps.Google.Com to get started. Prefer to let someone else handle the initial setup? Rooted ID is equipped to manage that process for any client utilizing our web design services. Schedule a complimentary call to learn more.