Instagram Following in Facebook Footsteps

Instagram is moving to an algorithm based news feed. They made the announcement last week in a blog post entitled “See the Moments You Care about First,” and we quickly got wind of the change when the internet exploded with reaction. 

105.5 The Bridge listeners who caught last week’s Web Wednesday by Ashley T. Caldwell of The Modern Connection are already in the know. I encourage you to hop on over to her website to get the details if you missed her live.

Like Ashley, we can’t help but be a little disheartened about the news. Up until now, Instagram has been an un-adultered platform for promotion. Use the right hashtags, fine-tune your timing, gain followers and users will see your content. A lot of that is about to change. 

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and like Facebook it is quickly becoming a pay-to-play platform. Essentially algorithms limit your organic reach (i.e. your followers are only see a small portion of what you post). We would prefer to see Instagram stay algorithm-free, but all is not lost. Instagram will continue to be an extremely affordable advertising platform. Most Rooted ID clients that maintain a Facebook and Instagram presence run ads on both platforms in order to reach a larger audience.   

A savvy social media strategy starts with a clear understanding of your target customer(s) and what differentiates you from the competition. Need help laying a strong foundation for your branding and marketing efforts? Email to schedule your complimentary call.