Small Business Sense

We love working with Tom DiLiegro! Tom is a local benefits expert who shares our passions for small business and creative problem solving. He specializes in Affordable Care Act Compliance and helps small businesses (like Rooted ID) develop compensation strategies that reward employees without financially burdening business owners. Sounds awesome right? Well, it is, and so is Tom. Needless to say we were pretty excited to help him share his expertise with others.

Tom founded Benefit Advisors of Charleston (BAC) in 2007. BAC already had a logo and web presence, but neither were communicating the full spectrum of services that the company provides. Tom met with us in 2015 for a PLANT session, and the result was a new tagline and a clear definition of BAC's brand identity...

Tagline & Brand Identity

Coverage that Makes Small Business Sense

Benefit Advisors of Charleston works closely with small business owners to creatively structure coverage that rewards talent and saves company money.

Website & Print Materials

We met with Tom again in 2016 to brainstorm some ways to reach new customers and strengthen brand identity. We settled on a new website, some small print pieces and a letter campaign. The results look pretty sharp and manage to articulate more effectively what Tom was already doing well...

Please visit the Benefit Advisors of Charleston website to learn more about the valuable service that Tom provides. 

Our Approach to Small Business Marketing

Like Tom, we aspire to provide solutions that make sense for small business owners. We've formulated a staged approach to marketing because there are some crucial steps (like defining your brand identity) that can make or break marketing ROI down the road. 

Most of our clients start off with a PLANT session followed by FEED, but our recommendations vary based upon business priorities and budget. We're eager to learn more about your business, and you probably have some questions about our process... Fortunately it costs nothing for us to get to know one another. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!