Strengthen your brand.
Grow your business.

Your business has a unique brand identity, and you can make smarter use of your marketing dollars once it is clearly defined. Effective marketing follows a natural progression (something we refer to as the 3 Stages of Marketing Maturity), and we have developed a process that will help your business to stay on track.


Clearly understand who your most probable customers are and be able to clearly articulate what sets you apart from the competition. Receive recommendations of ways to strengthen your brand identity (written and visual messages). 


Identify marketing methods (word of mouth techniques, networking opportunities, ways to gain publicity, promotion ideas and smart advertising) that will complement your unique brand identity and attract new customers. Receive recommendations regarding strategy implementation. 


Analyze the results of your marketing efforts , focus on the most lucrative strategies and create a plan for ongoing support. Rooted ID is equipped to manage some or all of your monthly marketing needs (email marketing, blog management, website maintenance, etc.).