Rise of the Rest

The Rooted ID team spent yesterday afternoon aboard the USS Yorktown! We had the pleasure of attending the Rise of the Rest event, which was hosted by Steve Case, founder of AOL, and The Harbor Entrepreneur Center. It was a three part-event consisting of a Fireside Chat (with Governor Nikki Hailey and Steve Case), Pitch Event and Happy Hour.


Fireside Chat

Hailey and Case addressed a variety of opportunities and challenges facing local entrepreneurs, but collaboration was the persistent, underlying theme. Hailey, Case and representatives from The Harbor EC stressed the importance of connecting with other entrepreneurs, mentors, mentees, community leaders and elected officials. In a competitive marketplace, where an idea is only as good as its execution, Case cautioned entrepreneurs against holding ideas too closely. While some exceptions do apply, the benefits of strategic collaboration exceed the dangers of sharing proprietary information. 

Pitch Event

Of the 8 startups competing to win $100,000, 7 were technology based businesses. The lineup came as no surprise given Case’s resume and emerging trends (like globalization, crowdfunding and the rapid adoption of new technology). Pitchers, who were composed, thoughtful and highly entertaining, pursued the American Dream in front of the Stars and Stripes... 

Photo from Twitter

Photo from Twitter

The Bidr team, creators of web-based software that automates raffles, silent auctions and other fundraising events, delivered an impeccable presentation and took home the grand prize. The team looks forward to investing in company infrastructure that will benefit the local economy. Their software has been tested and well-received in Charleston and is now available to anyone. Consider using Bidr to amplify your next event!