Lifestyle Content Marketing for Small Business

We talk a lot about content marketing. If you are new to the marketing game or need a refresher, here’s a quick definition…

Content marketing is the process in which a business creates and distributes content
in order to attract or engage a target audience. 

Pretty simple stuff right? Believe it or not, it’s the grease that keeps your marketing machine going.

Attract Your Target Audience

The key phrase in the above definition is “target audience.” Reaching a lot of people is good, but reaching the right people is better. Effective content marketing starts with a clear understanding of your target customer and what your brand offers them.

Engage Your Audience with Lifestyle Content 

Content marketing is not a new practice. Marketers have been creatively touting the benefits and features of products and services for years, but big brands (and small businesses) are really stepping up their content marketing game in order to maintain consumer attention. 

Traditional content marketing employs promotional marketing messages. For example…
A company that manufactures surfboards announces the launch of a new product via social media. They share helpful tips as to how to use/get the most out the new board. 

Lifestyle content marketing takes target audience interests into consideration and is less promotional in nature. For example…
A company that manufactures surfboards regularly shares information about contests, videos of accomplished surfers, etc.

Effective marketing strategies use a combination of the two.

Learn from Lifestyle Content Pros

Patagonia produces phenomenal lifestyle content. Their Facebook page is a great example, but they have taken lifestyle content to a whole new level with Worn Wear - a channel that is specifically designed for user generated content. Patagonia encourages loyal customers to share their stories, and it is marketing gold! The channel clearly promotes the brand without marketing/promoting a single product. The channel also presents opportunities for promotions like the “Worn Wear Swap,” an event where Patagonia lovers can trade vintage Patagonia clothing.

Ready to explore what content marketing can do for your business? It all starts with a clear understanding of your target customers and the ability to articulate your brand message. Schedule a complimentary call to learn more.