Want to Start Your Own Business?

Around here, we love small businesses! From start-ups to established ones... from one-man shows to those with a growing staff... we work with them all. I came across an interesting article describing one-person businesses that you can start quickly. You can link to the full article, but the types of companies described were...

  • Estate Sales Promoter
  • Apartment Preparation Service
  • Dog Walking
  • Food Truck

Whether one of these peaks your interest or if you have your own brilliant idea for being a solo-entrepreneur, we would love to talk to you. Starting a business is extremely difficult... even more so if you are doing it on your own. There is a lot of value in having someone to bounce ideas off of and to support you along the way. Rooted ID would love to play that critical role for you in regards to your marketing efforts. Contact Jennifer at jennifer@RootedID.com or call 843-277-0099 to learn more. 

Jennifer Morrow