Resources for Small Business Owners

We frequently reference for information to share with you in our blog and on social media. I thought it might be interesting to research what other sites may be helpful to us as well as you. The search led us an article that was about this very topic. The article's author picked her top eight website resources to grow a small business. I think that this may peak your interest like it did for me. Below are her top eight resources...

  1.  Small Business Trends
  2. You're the Boss Blog 
  3.  Huffington Post Small Business America
  4.  Business on Main
  5. Inc.
  6.  Entrepreneur Magazine - our usual go-to
  7. The Self-Employed 
  8.  SCORE

You can read the full article, link to the individual sites listed above or just keep coming back here for the information that we think you will find valuable. For more information about how Rooted ID can help your small business in regards to marketing, please contact or call 843-277-0099.

Jennifer Morrow