Business Website Basics

We shared an article via Facebook and LinkedIn earlier this week titled 6 Elements Every Business Website Needs. I would encourage you to read the full article, but in short, it does a great job covering basic website content.

We whole heartedly agree with most of that article, and our favorite recommendations are as follows:

  • Add social media links and make it easy for users to share content.
  • Incorporate testimonials.
  • Make sure it’s visually pleasing. 
  • Keep content current and relevant via blog posts, articles or other periodic site updates.
  • Ensure that contact information is easy to find.

Pretty simple stuff right? 

Our only criticism is of the recommendation to “remove all barriers to make a purchase.” Ecommerce stores and online payment options are great for some businesses, but they aren't right for everyone. Paypal links should be used selectively, and ecommerce sites require regular maintenance (someone who can upload products and manage virtual inventory) and more expensive hosting. 

There isn’t a cookie cutter approach to website success, but the elements listed above are a great foundation. The Rooted ID team would love to explore more website options with you, and it all starts with getting to know one another! Email to schedule a complimentary call. 

Jennifer Morrow