You Should Take a Vacation This Summer...Not Your Marketing!

It’s that time of year again.  The sun is out.  The weather is warm.  The beach is calling your name.  It’s summertime!  This is the season to get out and play or take a vacation.  Just don’t let your business suffer.  We all want to reward ourselves for working hard the first half of the year, and you should; however, staying on top of your small business’s marketing initiatives is essential during this time of year.

This is a slow season for many small businesses as people are busier with their families and traveling out of town.  Don’t let your efforts fall to the wayside.  This is just as good of time as any to beef up your marketing.  Use this downtime to also plot out some future initiatives.  

Marketing is a year-round, essential component to your business’s success.   Staying in touch with your clients is key and the summer season presents some golden marketing opportunities for you to capitalize on.  

Here’s how to best spend your summertime at the office:

  • Newsletter: Many of your clients and customers are likely traveling this time of year.  So keep in touch with them via email.  Send out a summer themed e-newsletter speaking to your summer plans, highlighting any promotions, etc.
  • Social Media: Stay in front of your clients via social media efforts.   Summer provides an opportunity to take great pictures to share on your multiple outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Spend some time preparing posts and schedule them for use on future dates.
  • Blog: Blogging is a great way to add relevant content to your website, helping with SEO, and sharing useful information with clients and potential prospects makes them look to you as an expert.  Use this slow time at work to crank out several blog posts to use in the future.
  • Promotions: Depending on your business, seasonality can play a major role in how you decide to target your customers.  This season is filled with promotions, holidays and special events.  Take advantage of that by having summer themed sales to attract new customers.  Don’t forget to promote via social media and your newsletters!
  • Host an Event: Summertime is party time.  Hosting a summer-themed event for your customers is a great way to get them into your business and keep them coming back.  Host a BBQ or side-walk sale for your most loyal customers. 

We here at Rooted ID understand how hard you have been working.  We encourage you to take some time for yourself to relax and recharge.  It’s essential.  Get out and enjoy yourself by letting us handle your summer marketing initiatives for you.  Go spend more time with your family and friends at the beach and take that much needed vacation.  We’ve got your small business needs covered.

Here’s wishing you a fun-filled and productive summer!  

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Jennifer Morrow