#WELCOMETOMOES - An Example of Complementary Marketing

The Rooted ID team was bonding over some chips from Moes during a meeting recently, when we discovered this little marketing gem…

I’m sure you’re wondering how this could possibly be relevant to small business marketing, but stick with me. Franchises are, in a lot of ways, similar to small businesses, and we can learn a lot from big brands. This Moes bag is a phenomenal example of something we describe to clients every day – complementary marketing strategies. 

What is Complementary Marketing?

Your marketing efforts should work in conjunction with one another toward a common goal. Taking a comprehensive look at your marketing plan may reveal opportunities to use social media (or other alternative marketing efforts) to enhance the effectiveness of a more traditional marketing tactic. 


The Moes bag (pictured above) is a great example of marketing strategies that collaborate with one another, and here's how it works:

  • Traditional Marketing Tactic – Branded take out bags are often used to advertise special/new offers (i.e. “Download our Order-Ahead App.”). They are also an opportunity to increase brand exposure (i.e. Something smells delicious, and it’s coming from a Moes bag. Now all I can think about is queso!).
  • Complementary Marketing Tactic – A takeout bag is also a great opportunity to get creative. Moes encouraged patrons to create artwork and share it via social media. The potential exposure for each Moes bag has now increased exponentially. Hash-tagged images are now popping up in my news feed, and all I can think about is queso! 

Could your small business benefit from a comprehensive approach to marketing? Schedule a complimentary call to learn more! Email me at Kendall@RootedID.com, and treat yourself to some queso. 

Jennifer Morrow