Put Down Some Roots, A Case for Plant

In last week's Food for Thought post, Kaelyn made a strong case for why you shouldn't skimp on your logo design. At Rooted ID, we bring a level of expertise, research and thoughtfulness that you simply don't get from many graphic designers... especially those touting $75 logos. As Kaelyn pointed out, a logo is the face of your business... it is worth a little extra investment.

This week, I would like to discuss the intangible (and perhaps most vital) aspect of branding... your "Rooted ID". Not only is this our namesake, but it is something that we firmly believe should be defined prior to implementing any marketing efforts, including logo design.   

A Rooted ID is brand identity rooted in a clear understanding of who your customers are and what your promise to them is. We help small business owners define this during our first stage of marketing consulting, PLANT. While you may think that you want to skip this step and move right into design (logo, website, business card, etc.), let me make a case for PLANT...

  • Objectivity - Small business owners are often just too close to their concept. It is not uncommon for our clients to say "I have never looked at my business that way" upon completing PLANT. Having an objective 3rd party to discuss your business ideas is extremely helpful. We can provide that to you during PLANT and ongoing. 
  • Understanding - It would be irresponsible for us to make recommendations to you about your marketing if we didn't fully understand your business. Sure, we could ask questions during the design phase like many do, but your branding is more than design. It is about the experience that people have with your company across the board - in print, in person, online, with your employees, etc. PLANT addresses your branding in a comprehensive way.
  • Focus - The final product of PLANT is a document which serves as a road map for branding. This document will ultimately become the foundation for all of your marketing efforts. With it, we can create consistent visual and written/verbal marketing messages that are a true representation of your business. Often times, PLANT will flow right into logo design, web design, etc. It really helps guide the design process.   
  • Cost Savings - Ironically, spending the money for PLANT will save you money in the long run. The common focus gained results in streamlined creative services and smarter use of your marketing dollars. We even extend discounted service rates to clients who have completed PLANT.

Just as a tree gains strength from its root system, your business idea can take form and flourish when it is clearly rooted in a brand identity. If you can't clearly articulate what your brand is all about, there is no way that your marketing can. If consumers can't clearly understand what your business is all about through your marketing efforts, they likely won't become your customers. Through PLANT, we can help you put down some roots and grow your business. Interested? Contact Jennifer@RootedID.com.

BrandingJennifer Morrow