A Time for Business and Personal Preparation

I don't know about your office, but it has been super quiet around here this week. Everyone seems to be traveling and taking time off. It can actually be a little concerning when you want to end the year with a bang, but it seems like your clients are focused on everything but your business.  

"Many entrepreneurs don't plan for slower periods, this adds a huge amount of stress over the holiday season and often has the entrepreneur living a life of anxiety and fear rather than one of enjoyment with family and friends," says Colin Sprake, a motivational business speaker.

An article on entrepreneur.com yesterday gave some tips on how to make use of your holiday downtime.  I have actually been doing almost everything on the list, so that makes me feel like I have struck a decent balance between my personal and business life this week.

The one thing that I haven't done is #6 on the list. I love the idea of a gratitude dinner for my family! I definitely couldn't run a business without their support.

We would love to hear how your are using this holiday downtime to propel your business into the new year or simply recharge your batteries in preparation of things to come.  Please comment below.

Just for FunJennifer Morrow