What's In Between Your Ears?

Many small business owners are familiar with Brian Tracy (self-help author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, business coach, the list goes on).  And, if you are, you have likely heard his famous quote, "Today the greatest source of wealth is between your ears."  It's a cool quote, and we even posted it on our Facebook page the other day.

But, that got me to thinking about how important that phrase actually is when it comes to how you run your small business.  If the greatest source of wealth is between your ears, what's in between your ears?  That answer is different for everyone.  For some, it is their knowledge of how to cut hair, others are educated in how to do chiropractic adjustments and some people are whizzes with numbers.  For me, it is a knowledge of branding and marketing.  The cool thing is that so often that thing in between your ears that can produce you wealth is the same thing about which you are passionate.  What a blessing to be able to make money doing something that you love!   

Why is it then that so many business owners spend their precious time doing the things that they don't love, that they aren't good at and that don't produce wealth for them?  I get it... it takes a lot to run a small business.  You have to run the day-to-day operations, create sales, manage employees, handle your marketing and keep track of the money.  It would be expensive to pay somebody to manage all of those things for you just so that you can do the one thing that you love the most. 

However, I challenge you to seriously consider outsourcing some of the business tasks that pull you away from using that God-given thing in between ears that can be a source of wealth for you.  Start small - pick one.  Of course, Rooted ID is all about taking the burden of marketing off of small business owners who don't have the skill, time or desire to do it.  Maybe you actually love handling your marketing (for some, it is a creative outlet), but you dread doing payroll or cleaning your store.  That is a perfect thing to consider paying someone to do.

I have a large network of people that can help you - an accountant, a payroll company, a cleaning company, a strategic business planner, etc.  Please let me know if I can link you up with these sorts of people to lighten your load.  It is time for you to work smarter, not harder!