A Classical Pilates Studio


The Tradition, a Pilates studio specializing in private instruction, encourages individuals to dig deeper into the classical method to find core strength and mind/body balance.



Pilates Trainer Jessye Schmalian had dreams of opening her very own studio. She had a strong sense of who she was and the sort of training environment that she wanted to provide, but she was unsure of how to communicate that in a concise and marketable way. Jessye’s studio needed a name, signage and a branded web presence.


Plant Consulting/Brand Message Development
Logo Design
Business Card Design
Website Design
Sign Design
Social Media Setup
Campaign Management
Photo Shoot Coordination


Jessye scheduled a Plant session so that we could better understand her business vision. We developed written messages that reflected her passion for the classical Pilates method. Plant resulted in a studio name, general marketing copy and two brand messages—one to define the space and a second to engage potential clients.

The Tradition’s logo and subsequent marketing materials needed to express traditional notions without being dated. We felt that a one-color, typographical logo was an impactful way to represent the timeless nature of Pilates exercise. A sophisticated serif font was paired with a sans-serif typeface to create a classic and balanced look. A symmetrical type treatment was used to reinforce those sentiments.

Rooted ID really listened to the vision I had for my studio and applied some creative magic to make that vision into a brand. The whole process was nothing less than exceptional!
— Jessye Schmalian | The Tradition