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Why do you need a social media management tool?

Social media marketing and small business go hand-in-hand. It's the most accessible and cost-effective way to improve brand awareness, connect with customers and increase sales. A good social media management tool will streamline your efforts and increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

  • Efficiently publish to multiple accounts at once. Social media management tools let you easily schedule content to multiple social media accounts at once - so you'll never need to copy-and-paste the same message from one social network to another again.

  • Monitor your social media in an organized way. Social media management apps let you monitor social media. You can see all inbound messages, comments, replies, and DMs, so you can stay on-top of customer inquiries without having to check social network individually.

  • Track your growth, engagement, and other performance. Some social media management apps (like Social Report) offer social media reporting tools. You can use this to find what you're doing right and wrong on social media and tweak your posts accordingly.

If you begin searching for a social media management tool for your small business, you will quickly see that the options are vast. Trust us, researching and testing software solutions is a drain of your time and often leaves you feeling like you were sold a bill of goods! The good news? We’ve already done the hard part and discovered a practical social media management solution that delivers real value for small businesses.

Ready to get started with a subscription to our favorite social media management tool? Starting at $49, Social Report is a smart investment for your small business.

What People are Saying About Social Report

Wow, where should I begin. I must say I am amazed at how long Social Report has been flying under the radar. They mastered posting calendars, social listening, and high-level reporting/analytics long before any of their competitors. They have been a secret weapon of ours for 3+ years now.
— Susan M., Strategic Marketing Consultant
Social Report has been a social media management dream for us. I am able to efficiently schedule and manage multiple accounts, across all major social platforms, and get incredible analytics on each platform. Thanks @TheSocialReport.
— @Justinsunsetrx
What I like best about Social Report is that it is extremely easy to use to publish and schedule posts, yet it is quite complex in the level of analytics and reporting. The number of supported social platforms is as comprehensive as any enterprise solution and the ability to share across platforms is extremely easy.
— Kesnia B, HR Manager

Have we convinced you now? If that’s a yes, awesome. Begin your 30-day free trial now to see all the social media management goodness for yourself. We cannot express enough how powerful a tool Social Report has been for Rooted ID and our clientele.

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