Founder Jennifer Morrow began her career as a Graphic Designer. After working with small business owners and opening several businesses of her own, the need for a small business marketing solution became clearly apparent. Rooted ID was founded with that need in mind. 

A growing business often requires more support than any one individual can handle. When employing an in-house marketing department isn’t feasible, business owners resort to marketing interns, part-time employees or freelance designers. A piecemeal approach often results in disjointed branding and ineffective marketing, but budget constraints typically make hiring an agency unrealistic. Rooted ID bridges that gap.

We help small business owners to avoid the pitfalls of piecemeal marketing by providing comprehensive solutions that result from creative collaboration. The benefits of a comprehensive approach include convenience, consistency and access to a responsive staff that is mindful of both budget and vision.


Rooted ID is a full-service marketing agency catering to small business owners who are committed to growth but lack the time, skill or desire to manage their branding and marketing efforts.

That’s our “Rooted ID” – a brand identity rooted in a clear understanding of who our customers are and what our promise to them is. Every business has its own Rooted ID, and we believe that business owners can make smarter use of their marketing dollars once it is clearly defined.

Strengthen your brand, and grow your business with PLANT. FEED. GROW.