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Craft Culture Accounting offers convenient accounting solutions and virtual CFO services that are highly specialized and tailored to suit the unique needs of South Carolina beverage and food crafters.



Hubbard Davis CPAs is a local accounting firm that offers financial assurance services to non-profit organizations, employee benefit plans and other tax exempt entities. They needed a new website and had plans to launch a new suite of services. The Hubbard Davis team was eager to promote their expanded service offering but didn’t want to confuse or alienate existing clients in the process.


Plant Consulting/Brand Message Development
Logo Design
Website Design


Hubbard Davis CPAs scheduled a Plant session so that we could better understand their new service offering and how it might impact the existing Hubbard Davis brand. Significant differences in target customers and brand values suggested that we brand the new service suite as a separate division. This would give us unlimited creative freedom to tailor written and visual marketing messages to the new target audience (the craft beverage and food industry).

Plant resulted in a division name, brand message and some general marketing copy. The newly defined voice of Craft Culture Accounting needed a warm, approachable look to match. For the logo, a gently textured typeface was paired with another subtly playful font to create a handcrafted, homegrown feel. The color palette is also warm, inviting and reflective of the target industry. The logo works well in one color or reverse for optimum flexibility; a common approach to product packaging in the craft beverage and food industry.