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Super Bowl LI: May the Best Website Builder Win

Kaelyn is a Georgia girl. Jennifer began her marketing career in Atlanta and lived there for five years. And while I may be a Carolina Panthers fan, I think we can all agree that we’d like to see the Falcons win this Sunday. They’ve got one heck-of-a team, and Super Bowl variety is the spice of life. Patriots fans need not email me with your “it’s lonely at the top” spiel. We get it. We still want your team to lose. 

Now, onto more important matters. The true winner of Sunday’s game will be an advertiser. First in our hearts is Squarespace. This all-in-one content management system, website builder and blogging platform is returning to the Super Bowl to compete for market share, and we hope they pull off a well-deserved win! Squarespace users got a special sneak peek of the company’s second ever Super Bowl ad yesterday, and it’s pretty funny…

And the award for best website builder goes to… 

A super-sized television advertising budget does not a great company make, but Squarespace has garnered a lot of positive press over the last year too. Curiosity surrounding the company may be thanks, in large part, to their 2016 Super Bowl ad.

Prior to their 2016 Super Bowl debut, Squarespace was named #8 on the Cloud 100 list by Forbes. The Cloud 100 recognizes web-based companies that are growing and delivering unprecedented customer satisfaction. Since that time, Squarespace has been described as a preferred website platform (in terms of site aesthetic and function) all over the internet…

Steve Jobs often told a story about how his father— a carpenter— would care as much about the back of a cabinet as the front. Jobs said this where he learned the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail. This story reminds me of Squarespace. Everything in Squarespace is polished. Nothing ever feels half-baked. Simply put: Squarespace crafts the back of cabinets.
— Steve Benjamins,
While there are many different options to fit different needs, expertise and time, we believe that Squarespace has built the best website builder solution on the market.
— .BIO
They don’t just look great, though; they also perform incredibly well on mobile; we didn’t experience a single issue viewing or navigating a site on a smartphone or tablet during our entire test. In fact, it’s the only site builder we’d give a “10 out of 10” for responsive design.

And if you’re still on the fence, here’s a summary of our favorite Squarespace features…

•    Affordable hosting starts at $12/mo.
•    Responsive web design optimizes website display on mobile devices.
•    Intuitive content management makes text edits and blogging a breeze.
•    Templates are created by Squarespace developers to ensure site functionality.
•    Squarespace support stands by their templates to ensure site functionality.
•    Open source flexibility (ability to add CSS and HTML) delivers a highly custom look.
•    SSL certificates are built right in.  

Is a Squarespace website right for your business? 

The Squarespace platform is intuitive enough that a DIY designer can create a clean looking site. All you need is some good photography, compelling content, time and an eagerness to learn the technology. DIY design works best for aspiring artists, photographers, solopreneurs and small businesses with an extremely limited marketing budget. 

Squarespace sites can also be customized by designers, like ours, who are HTML and CSS proficient. This approach is a better fit for business owners who are seeking a high quality website without the custom developer price tag. 

Replacing an old site, updating a Squarespace site or looking to build something brand spanking new? We'd love to hear all about it (even if you do like Tom Brady). Email to schedule a complimentary consultation.  

Check Out the Tradition

Pilates Trainer Jessye Schmalian had dreams of opening her very own studio. She decided to share that dream with us earlier this year, and we are so glad that she did! 

Our journey together began in September. Jessye had a strong sense of who she was and the sort of training environment that she wanted to provide, but she was unsure of how to communicate that in written and visual messages.  We scheduled a PLANT session in order to develop a brand identity inspired by Jessye's love of the classical Pilates method. PLANT resulted in a new name, brand messaging and some general marketing copy (for web and print use)...


The Tradition


A Classical Pilates Studio


Explore Core Teachings. Find Core Strength.


The Tradition, a Pilates studio specializing in private instruction, encourages individuals to dig deeper into the classical method to find core strength and mind/body balance. 

We applied all of our PLANT findings in the design process in order to produce a look and feel that was consistent with the new brand identity and written messages...





Business Card:




This branding project has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish, and we look forward to sharing more of our work with you very soon. In the meantime, please visit to learn more about Mount Pleasant's newest Pilates studio!

Small Business Sense

We love working with Tom DiLiegro! Tom is a local benefits expert who shares our passions for small business and creative problem solving. He specializes in Affordable Care Act Compliance and helps small businesses (like Rooted ID) develop compensation strategies that reward employees without financially burdening business owners. Sounds awesome right? Well, it is, and so is Tom. Needless to say we were pretty excited to help him share his expertise with others.

Tom founded Benefit Advisors of Charleston (BAC) in 2007. BAC already had a logo and web presence, but neither were communicating the full spectrum of services that the company provides. Tom met with us in 2015 for a PLANT session, and the result was a new tagline and a clear definition of BAC's brand identity...

Tagline & Brand Identity

Coverage that Makes Small Business Sense

Benefit Advisors of Charleston works closely with small business owners to creatively structure coverage that rewards talent and saves company money.

Website & Print Materials

We met with Tom again in 2016 to brainstorm some ways to reach new customers and strengthen brand identity. We settled on a new website, some small print pieces and a letter campaign. The results look pretty sharp and manage to articulate more effectively what Tom was already doing well...

Please visit the Benefit Advisors of Charleston website to learn more about the valuable service that Tom provides. 

Our Approach to Small Business Marketing

Like Tom, we aspire to provide solutions that make sense for small business owners. We've formulated a staged approach to marketing because there are some crucial steps (like defining your brand identity) that can make or break marketing ROI down the road. 

Most of our clients start off with a PLANT session followed by FEED, but our recommendations vary based upon business priorities and budget. We're eager to learn more about your business, and you probably have some questions about our process... Fortunately it costs nothing for us to get to know one another. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!  

Google's "Mobile-Friendly" Update

We shared a few articles about Google's "Mobile-Friendly" Update on our social media pages last month, but we feel as though its impact is something that bears repeating.

Mobile display is now a ranking signal for Google searches. The change, which went into effect April 21st, will negatively impact Adobe Flash sites and other platforms that are not optimized for mobile display. Sites that feature responsive design or mobile versions will benefit from the Google update. Currently the algorithm change only applies to searches made on mobile devices, but keep in mind that 29% of all searches made in the US last year were conducted with a mobile device.  

Mobile Optimization Options

Websites that are optimized for mobile display typically feature one of the following:

  • Mobile Versions* - Independent versions for smart phone, tablet and desktop display. 
  • Responsive Web Design** - Websites that scale or re-adjust automatically according to the device used. Responsive design eliminates the need for multiple versions. 

Take the "Mobile-Friendly Test"

Is your website optimized for mobile display? Google wants your website to load quickly on smart phones, and content must fit on the screen in such a way that links and buttons aren't too close together. There is an easy way to test all of that... Visit Google's webmaster tool for mobile-friendly testing, and type in your URL.

Learn More

If your website fails the mobile friendly test, it's time to consider an update. The Squarespace platform is an appropriate fit for many small business owners (from a cost and content management perspective), and all Squarespace sites are responsive (optimized for mobile and tablet display). We believe that Squarespace is a one-size-fits-most solution, but no solution is one-size-fits-all. A Rooted ID team member would be happy to explore options with you! Schedule a complimentary call to learn more. 


*Sites designed within the Squarespace platform (like are responsive. 
**Custom websites designed by Rooted ID feature mobile versions.


2014 has been a phenomenal year! Rooted ID brought two new team members on board last spring, and together (along with some AMAZING clients) we've accomplished a lot. Our crowning achievement has been the launch of 19 custom websites...


Charleston Home Rentals

Charleston Real Estate Group

Deas Heating and Air

The Governor's House Inn

Healthy Plate Cooking

The Hebron Center of Johns Island

Historic Charleston Apartments

Live the Good Life

Lodging Source

Maes Law Firm

Olde Towne Vet Clinic

Pink Dot Beauty Bar

Relish Distinctive Catering

RiverTowne Country Club (Weddings)

Shady Slim's Tinting

Snee Farm Country Club

Southern Ear Therapy

Vencor, Inc.

We've thouroughly enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Cheers to your continued success in 2015!


We invite you to celebrate all workplace victories - both large and small. Share the success of your employees, coworkers and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #ToYourSuccess!

Mobile Sites

Consumer use of the internet is ever-changing. A vague statement, I know, but consider the following…

When I was a single, twenty-somethingI spent countless hours on social media sites, and one of my favorite activities was online “window shopping.” I did all of these things courtesy of my trusty desk top. Smart phones weren’t quite as popular as they are today. A full-time student and part-time employee, I couldn’t afford a mobile data plan… nor did I need one.

Now I am a married, working mother of one. The only time I sit at a desk top is when I’m at the office, responding to work related email or writing a blog post. I get my Facebook fix and answer all personal email via smart phone… and the retailers I’m so fond of, they send promotional emails with embedded links for easy mobile site access.

The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Site

According to Google research “72% of consumers want mobile-friendly sites.” The same research found that most users (61%) will leave your website if they cannot quickly find what they are looking for. 

As a small business owner you may think that these stats don’t apply to you, but they absolutely do! Consumers are no longer checking the yellow pages. If I’m searching for a local party shop, a place to eat lunch or my hair stylist’s number, chances are I’m using my smart phone.

What Makes a Website Mobile Friendly?

  • Large buttons and icons that are easy to see and click
  • Contact information that is easily accessible
  • “Click-to-call” options
  • Short load times
  • One-direction scrolling (either vertically or horizontally, never both)

We Can Help!

Rooted ID designs websites using Squarespace templates. The mobile site is built right in!

We’re big believers in mobile friendly websites and plan to practice what we preach! Our own website is built using an older Squarespace template. Unfortunately, it isn’t as mobile friendly as we’d like it to be, but a template update is underway! Stay tuned!

SquareSpace vs. Wordpress: Why We Love SquareSpace

Over the years we have discovered that there is more than one way to build a website…  Actually there are dozens of ways we could go about website design, but more often than not we use Squarespace. We’re not in the business of endorsing web-hosting services, but we do spend a great deal of time researching what’s best for our clients. This blog is a vehicle in which we can pass along our experience and research.

Are you searching for a hosting service? Having some trouble deciding between Wordpress and Squarespace? Read on to learn why we’re Squarespace fans.

Squarespace is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based CMS (Content Management Service). A total solution for web-service needs, Squarespace subscriptions include:

  • Website building
  • Hosting
  • Analytics (web traffic tracking)
  • and a Blogging Platform

We consider the service to be affordable (starting at $8 per month), and a free trial is available. The templates are modern, and EVEN BETTER, mobile sites are built right in. Squarespace templates can be customized by designers, like ours, who are HTML and CSS proficient.

Wordpress offers a ton of template options, which is great, but Wordpress template designs can be submitted by almost anyone… and all are not created equal. I should think that most WP designers stand behind their products, but what if your template designer isn’t available to troubleshoot issues/answer questions once your site goes live? Trust us... it happens.  In contrast, Squarespace offers 24/7 support.

Our business, Rooted ID, Is a full-service marketing agency that caters to small business owners. We often manage marketing initiatives (including any and all website updates) on behalf of our clients, but sometimes clients want to do this on their own. We want to make sure that our clients are equipped to take the lead of their own marketing initiatives if/when they need to do so… Another reason we love Squarespace is the user-friendly interface. We design the website, and our clients can easily update content as needed.

We’re always eager to hear from our readers! Please comment or email us with your CMS questions and experiences. Need assistance with a website design project? Email to schedule a complimentary call.