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Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs

The College of Charleston School of Business (my alma mater) is hosting a contest for social entrepreneurs next week, and we are pleased to announce that Jennifer will be participating as a guest judge!

Project IMPACT

Project IMPACT is for students who have an idea to create social change. Eight finalists will present their ideas for a chance to win $1000 at an event on November 19th at the School of Business. The event will be held in the Wells Fargo Auditorium and is sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship, Enactus and the Honors College.

Jennifer looks forward to hearing student pitches and learning more about their exciting ideas!

Supporting Social Entrepreneurship

As champions for small business, we get pretty excited about young entrepreneurs! Our eagerness to support local entrepreneurs has lead Jennifer to a number of networking groups, including a chapter of Social Enterprise SC. SESC – Lowcountry encourages local entrepreneurs to develop businesses that will positively impact the community and environment. To learn more about social entrepreneurship and how to get involved, visit the SESC – Lowcountry Facebook page

Hashtags #UNITE a Community

Bible study resumed last night at Mother Emanuel AME. Congregation members have reclaimed a space that was so heinously violated only a week ago, and families will begin laying loved ones to rest in the coming days. The Charleston community has entered a new phase of mourning and healing… It’s a time for reflection.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the friends and family of the 9 who were taken. We admire their strength and resolve, and we are proud to be part of a community that seeks to live out their example. 

Messages of love, support and unity are the most important takeaways from this past week, but the way in which those messages were spread is also noteworthy. Charleston’s response to the June 17th shooting has gone viral on social media. The consistent and persistent use of hashtags has helped us to unite quickly and has given the outside world a real-time, inside look. 


The Charleston Chamber of Commerce has used #CharlestonStrong to help local business owners rally in support of the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund. They created a web page with details, and participating businesses used #CharlestonStrong to join what is now a national conversation.

#ChimeWithCharleston and #CharlestonUnited

The Charleston Area CVB quickly organized and began promoting the #ChimeWithCharleston event on June 18th. Posts went out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…

Image from Instagram @explorecharleston

Image from Instagram @explorecharleston

Within a few short days, hundreds of churches received the message and were ready to chime in on the 21st. 

The CVB closed the loop with some follow-up posts encouraging churches and community members to share video footage with the world. 

Image from Instagram @explorecharleston

Image from Instagram @explorecharleston


The Unity Walk, which quickly became known as the “Bridge to Peace,” was organized by Darcy Creaturo, Dorsey Fairbaim, Lauren Vicars and Gnosha Burk. These “ordinary” citizens teamed up with The Town of Mount Pleasant and The Mount Pleasant Police Department to create an official city event. The press release (available on the MMPD blog) went out on June 20th, and the following day, thanks to a Facebook event and a whole bunch of shares, more than 15k people joined hands on the Ravenel Bridge. 

Image from Facebook

Image from Facebook

Event specific hashtags, which were closely linked to other conversations (like #Charleston and #PrayForCharleston), have and will continue to reach millions. 

Hats off to the Charleston community… to the individual voices that joined to spread a singular message of support and love. #CharlestonUnited 

Rise of the Rest

The Rooted ID team spent yesterday afternoon aboard the USS Yorktown! We had the pleasure of attending the Rise of the Rest event, which was hosted by Steve Case, founder of AOL, and The Harbor Entrepreneur Center. It was a three part-event consisting of a Fireside Chat (with Governor Nikki Hailey and Steve Case), Pitch Event and Happy Hour.


Fireside Chat

Hailey and Case addressed a variety of opportunities and challenges facing local entrepreneurs, but collaboration was the persistent, underlying theme. Hailey, Case and representatives from The Harbor EC stressed the importance of connecting with other entrepreneurs, mentors, mentees, community leaders and elected officials. In a competitive marketplace, where an idea is only as good as its execution, Case cautioned entrepreneurs against holding ideas too closely. While some exceptions do apply, the benefits of strategic collaboration exceed the dangers of sharing proprietary information. 

Pitch Event

Of the 8 startups competing to win $100,000, 7 were technology based businesses. The lineup came as no surprise given Case’s resume and emerging trends (like globalization, crowdfunding and the rapid adoption of new technology). Pitchers, who were composed, thoughtful and highly entertaining, pursued the American Dream in front of the Stars and Stripes... 

Photo from Twitter

Photo from Twitter

The Bidr team, creators of web-based software that automates raffles, silent auctions and other fundraising events, delivered an impeccable presentation and took home the grand prize. The team looks forward to investing in company infrastructure that will benefit the local economy. Their software has been tested and well-received in Charleston and is now available to anyone. Consider using Bidr to amplify your next event! 

Charleston Accelerators Pitch Event

For those of you who may have missed our social media posts this week, Jennifer had the pleasure of attending the Charleston Accelerators Pitch Event (C.A.P.E.) on Tuesday. The event was co-hosted by The Harbor Entrepreneur Center and CofC’s ICAT program.

Groups from CofC and CoHort 3 (of The Harbor) presented pitches in a two part event. Eight teams from CofC competed for a chance to win a $10,000 prize, and CoHort 3 contestants competed for a package of business services (some of which were donated by yours truly, Rooted ID).

Two winners, Yawper and Team SpotIt, were crowned from the CofC group. Both were recognized for app development. Yawper is a social networking app that makes real-time bar and restaurant information available to users. SpotIt helps users find convenient parking. Organizers originally announced that the prize money would be split between the two winning teams, but Tommy Baker (of Baker Motor Company) stepped in and generously offered an additional $10,000 so that both teams could take home a full prize.

Teamphoria brought home first place for CoHort 3. Founders Andrew Strickland and Prashant Katwa have created employee engagement software that helps to create and measure company culture. It’s the first software platform of its kind, providing real-time employee engagement metrics that allow an organization to monitor internal interactions. Software features focus on employee recognition, improving communication, capturing feedback and enhancing individual performance.

The Rooted ID team is looking forward to working with Teamphoria, but we thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the C.A.P.E participants. Keep up the good work, guys!