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7 Year Itch

Spring was a season of change here at Rooted ID. We said goodbye to our office on St. Andrews Blvd., moved into The Schoolhouse, partnered with the world’s largest digital marketing network (details on that coming soon) and embarked on a very special branding project—our own.

We’ve been itching for a new look, and as our 7th year comes to a close, it seems like a fitting time to formally unveil what we’ve been working on…

New Rooted ID Logo

The original Rooted ID logo has been with us since the very beginning (2010). And while it has served us well, the consistent horizontal orientation has been somewhat limiting. We desired more flexibility, but maintaining visual ties to what so many have come to recognize as Rooted ID was also really important to us.

If you’ve visited our office in the last two months you have probably gotten a sneak peek of our updated logo without even knowing it (our temporary door signs feature the new design). We’ve kept the changes relatively subtle, dissecting the original logo so that it can be easily adapted to suit a variety of layouts. We wanted the logo to be earthy and timeless, so we’ve used an antique illustration as inspiration for the tree and a classic serif typeface to compliment the image.

To create a cohesive feel, we’ve utilized a selection of seed and floral illustrations throughout our branded materials. Brown continues to play a role in our color palette, but copper updates the look without negating the earthy vibe.

New Business Cards
New Website Design

Imagery plays a decorative role in our updated print collateral, and it takes an even more substantive lead on our new website, where we are now showcasing sample work on our home page. From there, users can quickly navigate to our portfolio to see more or access case studies that speak to the benefits of our strategic marketing process (Plant | Feed | Grow). 

Flexibility is an important part of our company culture, and we place great value on creativity, versatility and practicality. We hope that the updated logo and website reflect that, and we're excited about where this new look will take us! 

Brand Evolution & Logo Updates

To update a logo, or not to update a logo... That is the question. If consistency is the key to brand recognition, why would someone ever dream of tweaking or changing a logo?

Services change. Products get reformulated. New competition emerges. And even if nothing changes about the way in which you do business, the world that influences your target customers certainly will. 

According to Cambridge Dictionary, brand evolution is “the continuing process of improving a brand as markets and fashions change.” Notice how that reads “improving a brand as markets and fashions change” and not “changing a brand as markets and fashions improve.” The difference is subtle and somewhat subjective, but an “evolving brand” and a “changing brand” are very different things. 

Examples are always fun, so let’s look at some logos!


There's a clear loser. Sorry, Gap. In case you've forgotten, Gap overhauled their logo back in 2010, and the change was a monumental disaster. The logo update was an attempt to "modernize" the brand, but it became a visual manifestation of an identity crisis. Gap lost touch with what consumers love most about the brand... classic, all-American style. The new logo may have been "modern" (even that's up for debate), but it certainly didn't speak to the company's core values. 

Gap reverted to their old logo within a week. A branding crisis was averted, but can you imagine how much money was spent on the planning, design, release and subsequent PR damage control?

Change is scary. Evolution is an entirely different feeling. It's exciting.

Spring is proving to be a season of change at Rooted ID. We've spent a great deal of effort improving processes and streamlining efficiencies over the last year. Our recent move has been the most obvious step in that journey, but even more exiting things are in the works... 

Our logo has been in play since 2010. It has served us well, but we’re exploring some fresh ways to represent what people enjoy most about Rooted ID. All brands develop a better understanding of themselves and their customers over time... It’s only natural that marketing messages would evolve to highlight what customers and company culture deem most important.
— Jennifer Morrow, Rooted ID Founder

Yes, you read that right. We are updating our logo! It will debut on a new Rooted ID website that we hope to launch later this season. 

A lot of soul searching has led us to this place, and we figure there are plenty of other business owners in a similar boat. If you are considering a logo update or new logo for your business, here are a few things to keep in mind...

  • What do my most loyal customers enjoy about my brand?
  • What makes my business different from existing or emerging competitors?
  • Is there a simpler or clearer way to communicate my unique strengths? 
  • Would a new or updated logo affect other marketing materials?
  • If so, would new marketing materials (website, print collateral, etc.) enhance my sales efforts

Ready to explore some options? Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation, and be sure to stay tuned for our big reveal.