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Hashtag Tips for Small Business Marketing

Hashtags can help your small business gain exposure on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few “best practices” to get you started…


Before assigning “#” to every keyword and phrase, it is a good idea to do a little research. will give you an idea of how many times a hashtag is used and what topics are used in conjunction with it. Random example… I searched #makeup and saw that there was a correlation between #selfie and #makeup. My brand (let’s pretend I sell makeup), could tap into a new audience (the selfie crowd) by mentioning #selfie in some posts (like “#Makeup tips for the perfect #selfie). This isn’t a very dimensional example, but you can see where I’m going with it. 


Don’t go hashtag crazy. #Longhashtagscanbeveryhardtoread and #this #will #make #you #seem #crazy. Try sticking to 1-3 hashtags per post.


  • Host (or Attend) an Event – Events are wonderful hashtagging opportunities. If you are hosting an event, create a unique hashtag (ex. #711OpenHouse). Promote event details with that hashtag (ex. “Join us January 1st for a networking event. Drinks and refreshments will be served. Party starts at 6:30pm! #711OpenHouse”). Encourage event attendees to share photos and comments with the hashtag as well. When attending an event that is hosted by someone else, you can participate in event conversations the same way. 
  • Promote a Contest – If you are promoting a contest on social media, make sure to hashtag it consistently. Get participants in on the action by asking them to share/hashtag for a chance to win some sort of prize.
  • Create Something Unique – You can start a new conversation with your brand at the center by creating a new hashtag. It could be as simple as #YourCompanyName, or you may want to get a little more creative. You could use your company’s tagline or find a clever way to make your brand relevant to a timely conversation. 
  • Join a Conversation – Hashtags don’t have to be unique in order to be effective. What are your customers/clients talking about? What hashtags are they using? Join their conversation.

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Leverage Social Media Connections for Your Small Business

When crafting a social media strategy for your small business, there are a lot of important things to consider:

  • Appropriate platforms
  • Profile elements like company descriptions, imagery and icons
  • Frequency of posts
  • Topics/content for posts

That last one is a doozy…  As a copywriter, I’m pretty particular when it comes to content, and it’s all too easy to spend hours upon hours nitpicking what to post and share. Good content is an extremely important part of any social media strategy, but what if I told you that there is another (often overlooked) aspect of social media marketing that’s just as crucial?

Social media is, at its core, a platform for social interaction and connection. Get the most out of your social media strategy by leveraging connections effectively.

Reach a new audience via Facebook

Facebook posts that are made from a company page are only displayed in the news feed of users who follow the page. Facebook also has an algorithm that controls what goes into news feeds… which means that every post is not seen by every follower.  The most obvious way to combat this (and reach a whole new audience) is to run an ad or sponsored post. Facebook advertising is an effective strategy for a lot of businesses (especially B2C), but there are other ways to reach a new audience. Use that like button! You probably use the “like” option on your personal profile, but you can “like” things as a company as well. Partner with other businesses and organizations, and share each others’ content. To be most effective, a like should be mutual. 

Example: I’m a local restaurant owner who hosts an annual event for a soup kitchen. I know the soup kitchen has a Facebook page. I should (from my company page) “like” the soup kitchen’s page, and request that they reciprocate the favor. I can now tag the soup kitchen in my posts. If I create an “event” on Facebook, I can encourage the soup kitchen to share it on their page (which they would happily do)… now I’m reaching a whole new audience (soup kitchen followers). 

Gain Introductions via LinkedIn

One of the greatest features LinkedIn has is “Shared Connections.” This feature allows you to look at profiles (of potential clients) and see what connections you have in common. If you have a mutual connection, you could request a virtual introduction. This is an especially useful tactic for gaining B2B leads. 

Need Help?

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