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Halloween Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Halloween is just around the corner, and my family is gearing up for a long list of festivities! We have a few trunk-or-treats on the list this year… For those of you who aren’t familiar with “trunk-or-treat,” it’s basically a convenient alternative to trick-or-treating that takes place in a parking lot (or similar space). Participants decorate cars, trucks or suvs and hand out candy to kids who go car-to-car instead of door-to-door. 

My son’s daycare is hosting their second annual trunk-or-treat this year, and while it’s intended to be tons of fun for the kids, it’s also an excellent marketing opportunity! Participants are encouraged to bring friends (potential daycare customers), and the event is sure to attract some attention from passing traffic. School staff will be in attendance taking photos for email newsletters and social media pages… And why not? Costumed kids make excellent marketing content!

Trunk-or-treating events are a great way to gain exposure and make a positive impression upon the community. If it sounds like too much work, consider teaming up with neighboring businesses or strategic partners. 

Holiday marketing definitely isn’t one-size-fits-all. Trunk-or-treat events are best suited for B2C businesses, especially those that are targeting children and/or families.

A Few Other Halloween Marketing Ideas

  • Parties (adult or family friendly)
  • Contests (pumpkin carving, costumes, etc.)
  • Seasonal gifts, offers or promotions
  • Festive window displays or decorations
  • Seasonal content for newsletters, social media pages, blogs and/or ads 

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Branding Your Small Business

I recently read a great article by Jim Joseph about the most crucial aspect of brand positioning. In short, Joseph says to base your brand upon that which you do best, and he stresses the importance of separating yourself from “the rest of the pack” (your competition). 

I couldn't agree more.

It’s easier than ever to build a web presence and share your marketing message. It’s easier for everyone… Including your competitors, which means your business needs to do more than just show up. Your brand should be more than a cool logo or clever tagline. It should have substance. It should tell a story about who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Joseph describes brand positioning as “hard work,” and while I agree that it is serious mental exercise, it really isn’t all that complicated. Sometimes it just takes a fresh eye.

Want to build a brand for your small business? I invite you to learn more about our approach and the Rooted ID concept, and if the timing is right, email to schedule a complimentary call.

Celebrating the Small Stuff

My son’s third birthday was this week, and needless to say, I went a little overboard planning a Blue’s Clues themed picnic… believe it or not, kids still love that show if you can get your hands on it. 

Birthday parties are a lot of work. Child rearing in general is a lot of work, but like most parents, I’m willing to invest some serious sweat equity.  My three year old does not care if baked goods are store bought or handmade, and he has no clue if the decorations and tableware coordinate… So why do I get caught up in that stuff? It’s a labor of love. You may not handcraft Handy Dandy Notebooks for your kids, but I’m sure you have some crazy methods of your own.

Owning a business is kind of like that. It requires sweat equity and a vested interest that borderlines obsession. 

The Big Payoff 

How can we measure our success? In the early years (of parenting or small business ownership) the rewards are not always tangible. My goal as a parent is to raise a kind and productive member of society. Your goal as a business owner is to produce a sustainable profit. The jury may still be out on both of those things… So what gets us through in the meantime?  

Small Wins 

The party wasn’t perfect, but fun was had... and I’m pretty proud of those Handy Dandy Notebooks. As a business owner, take time to step back and admire your good work (a creative concept, a fantastic logo, professional signage, a beautiful storefront, etc.).  Small wins are still wins. 

Celebrate with your Support System

Only a few children attended my son’s party. Most of the party-goers were friends of the adult variety (college buddies, co-workers, neighbors, etc.), many of whom do not yet have children of their own. Each of them took time out of their busy lives to watch kids eat cupcakes at the park, and even though it was a VERY silly day, not one of them made me feel silly about it. Thanks guys! 

Like new parents, new business owners need encouragement from friends, family and the community. Celebrate with your support system. No win is too small (or silly). 

You may be in need of some guidance, or you may just want someone to eat cake with at the park… either way the Rooted ID team would love to get to know your business and be a part of your support system! Email to learn more.