Facebook Live Video

Last week we shared a viral video from wookie-loving, Kohl’s-shopper Candace Payne in order to illustrate the potential reach of Facebook’s new live video feature…

Kohl’s has taken full advantage of this marketing opportunity (and rightfully so) by creating a little video of their own…

Follow Their Lead

Monitor social channels for buzz about your products and services. If you want to monitor press coverage, consider setting up a Google Alert. Simply add your company name (ex. “company name”) to receive email updates when blogs and articles mention your business.  

When someone mentions your brand, respond! …Publicly if at all possible.

Use Facebook Live for Your Business

The thought of streaming live video on your business’s social channels may be a little nerve wracking, but is it really any different than a face-to-face meeting or presentation? Consider using live video for event coverage, interviews and company announcements.  Here’s how…

  1. Download the Pages Manager App – Facebook live video posts must be made with a mobile device. Managing a business page directly within the regular Facebook app can be a little precarious (sometimes Facebook can't differentiate your personal profile from your business profile). To avoid posting mishaps, we recommend downloading Pages Manager from your app store. It is free and easy to use.
  2. Promote Before You Post – Reach a larger audience by publishing a post before you go live (ex. Be sure to tune in at 5:00pm for our virtual happy hour!).
  3. Go Live – Pull up your business page within the Pages Manager app, and click post. You will have several posting options... Select “Go Live." Facebook will prompt you to enter a description. Do this before you hit record. Your video will stream live as you are recording it.
  4. Engage Your Audience – You will receive comment notifications as you are recording. React to commenters and answer questions as you go (ex. John Doe wants to know if we’ll do happy hour at his restaurant next week… We would love to! John, please email Kendall@RootedID.com to set that up.).
  5. Encourage Your Audience to Follow Your Live Feed – While you are still recording, encourage your audience to follow your live content (ex. Never miss a happy hour! Hit the follow option to receive live video notifications.)
Select "Post" within the Pages Manager app to post to your business page. 

Select "Post" within the Pages Manager app to post to your business page. 

Select "Go Live" to stream live video. 

Select "Go Live" to stream live video. 

Planning to post a live video of your own? We’d love to tune in! Tag us on Facebook with the details.