Thanks so much for your interest in the Ask Her More Event and Rooted ID's services!

Rooted ID is a full-service marketing agency catering to small business owners who are committed to growth but simply lack the time, skill or desire to manage their branding and marketing efforts. Experience has shown us that small business marketing needs to follow a natural progression, and we have developed a process with that in mind (learn more about PLANT. FEED. GROW.).

It all starts with PLANT, and we are excited to award one participant from the Ask Her More Event with a free PLANT consultation (a $750 value). Through the consulting, we will get to know about your business on a deep level and give valuable insights about your brand identity. The process consists of:

  • Initial meeting/call– 90 minutes with a marketing consultant who will get to know your business on a very deep level

  • Research about your industry and competition

  • Creation of a PLANT document

  • Follow-up meeting/call – 30 minutes with a marketing consultant who will present the PLANT document:

    • Definition of who your most probable customers are

    • Explanation of what sets you apart from the competition

    • Effective marketing language

    • Creation of a tagline

    • Definition of your company’s unique “Rooted ID”  

The winner will be chosen from participants who complete the brief questionnaire below and will be notified no later than Friday, 2/12/16.

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